Gone in 3.9 Seconds – The New 30 Jahre M5

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Who doesn’t love the crazy combo of plush luxury and insane performance that the M badge carries? The M5 has long been one of the best representations of this mad German engineering concept, combining a throne worthy of a king with a stable of angry stallions.

The M5 debuted in 1986 and was hand-built on a BMW 535i chassis. This car was special from the onset of its conception. Paired to the 5 series chassis is a modified BMW M1 (M88/3) engine responsible for rocketing your spleen to the back seat at the tickle of the gas pedal. Yes, this is the BMW M1 from Le Mans and Pro Car fame. This combo granted the M5 the prestigious crown of fastest production sedan in the world at the time of its launch.Most powerful BMW ever made revealed. The 30 year anniversary M5

The M5 badge has lived on, finding its home on the current model year’s 5 series chassis. The series started with the E34, and then moved on to the E39, the E60/E61 platform, and now to the F10 chassis that you can see on the streets today.

But soon there will be a new beast rolling the street on the F10 chassis carrying the M5 badge; one that returns to the roots of the original E34, adds the fun of the E39, and retains the menacing look of the current generation M5 (only turned up to 13). Yes, I’m talking about the “30th Anniversary Edition” M5 that has been setting the internet on fire, putting fans into a crazed tizzy and possibly causing some new owners of the current M5 to break into tears.

This newest of the new, this hottest of the hot will take the world (and speed cameras) by storm. The “30 Jahre M5” is boasting some serious numbers, both under the hood and under the 4.0-second 0-60 mph time. The new special edition model, that will see just 300 examples produced, will bring with it 600 horsepower. With 40 horses now added to the stable, the BMW 30 Jahre M5 is able to put an extra 15 lb.-ft. of torque to the floor, bringing the earth-turning power of this silver sled to 516 lb.-ft.!

Awesome you say, those numbers look great, but I don’t speak wrench. Well we all speak time, and this number is a small one in terms of time, 3.9 seconds. Yes, that’s it, the most important number this Bavarian M monster has to offer. You see, 3.9 seconds has a double meaning: It represents both the time it takes this M-blazoned missile to hit 60 mph, as well as the time it takes the average BMW enthusiast to check their financing options.

This new BMW 30 Jahre M5 is going to be special, and if you want one of the 300 made, you might have to be faster than 3.9 seconds to catch one for your garage.


Writen by: Jason Griffin

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