A Trip to Napa in the 2017 BMW 440i Convertible

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Driving can be an awful lot of fun for those of us who enjoy it, and there are plenty of passengers who are just as happy to sit beside or behind the driver and enjoy the experience too. But unless you’re on a track, it's usually better to have a destination to look forward to, and if you're in or around the San Francisco area, the Napa Valley is a destination that's not to be missed. And if you're going to be driving in an area of such scenic beauty, a 2017 BMW 440i Convertible with its folding hard roof is the perfect car for the job. If you do fancy a trip to Napa, here are some of the attractions you might want to look out for.


The first thing the vast majority of people think of with the Napa Valley is the wine making industry. Although that's not surprising as it's what the area is most famous for, don’t think for a moment the Napa valley is awash with vineyards everywhere you'll look. In fact, only nine percent of the area is actually covered by vineyards. That doesn’t mean it's not the dominant attraction for visitors though, because it is. There are more than 400 wineries to choose from, so which to visit needs careful planning based on the length of your stay and the kind of experiences you’re looking for. Booking visits in advance is definitely to be recommended. Don't forget though; rain is a vital ingredient in wine making, so you'll be glad of the BMW's folding hard top that goes up in under a minute when the sky looks threatening.

Fast food

To combine enjoying top-down driving in the sensational 2017 BMW 440i Convertible with making the most of your time in this beautiful area, you might want to make a pit stop at a branch of Gott's, the retro-style burger joint that opened originally in St. Helena in 1999. Sit outside at a picnic table to enjoy a burger or eat it in your car, just make sure you don’t drop any relish or mayo on that fabulous standard Dakota Leather upholstery!

Outdoor adventure

You might want to take a break from driving a car for a while, but you can continue your outdoor experience in the more than 53,000 acres of hills, mountains and fields protected by the Land Trust of Napa Valley, which are there for you to walk, run, hike or bike through. There are plenty of places to rent bikes from so you don’t need to add an unsightly bike rack to the rear of your beautiful 440i Convertible, and you can even enjoy an entirely different two-wheel experience by renting a Segway if you wish.

St. Helena

The picturesque main street of St. Helena is a place you have to visit when you’re in the area as it's bursting with upscale boutiques, restaurants, shops and galleries housed in old buildings. The 440i Convertible is the perfect car for a visit here if you love your architecture, and that's because as you look up you can take in the three blocks of the town have been designated as a National Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

Art scene

There are lots of galleries, museums, studios and outdoor art installations for you to enjoy in Napa, including the 217-acre diRosa art gallery featuring more than 2000 pieces of contemporary art both indoors and outdoors. The art comes in a variety of different media, which has been created by around 800 contemporary artists from the Bay area.

Don't miss the picture opportunity

There are two iconic Welcome to Napa Valley signs along Route 29, with one being in Oakville and the other in Calistoga. Standing in front for a souvenir picture is fine, but a picture of you sat in your 2017 BMW 440i Convertible in front of the sign really would be something to cherish.

There are plenty of other things to see and do in and around Napa Valley, but even just driving through and taking in the atmosphere in a BMW Convertible is worth the trip. For BMW Napa, for more information on the car, and to schedule a test drive in the sensational 2017 BMW 440i Convertible, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at BMW of San Francisco.